Contact Details for Grants Activity Managers and Grantees

  • Aghanistan Financial Services (AFS) a privately owned company founded in 2009 in Afghanistan, and registered in the United States, by a group of dynamic Afghan-American professionals. AFS has been experience in delivering the trainings, quality services, and strong relationships with government and leading private sector employers in Afghanistan.

  • Assistance for Health, Education and Development (AHEAD) established in 2008 as a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization, aims to contribute
    to improvements in: public health, social development, civil society development, organizational capacity building, and educational service delivery.  

  • Afghan Mobile Reconstruction Mobile Association (AMRAN) non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 1990, has experience in capacity building and income generation, agriculture, vocational trainings, and health.

  • Coordination of Afghanistan Relief (CoAR) established in 1989 as an independent, non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit organization that focuses on providing the following services: skills training and employment creation; food security; women empowerment; emergency preparedness; and conflict mitigation.

  • Champion Technical Training Center (CTTC) set up by the American NGO, International Relief and Development (IRD), in 2006 as a Vocational and Technical School offering courses in: carpentry, masonry, electrical, painting, welding, steelwork, and plumbing. In additional, it operates its own small construction company that allows students to receive on the job training and employment.

  • Destiny Consultancy Services Company (DCS) a private, non-governmental, and non-political company established in 2011 specializing in capacity building, governance, project management, leadership promotion, community development and provides consultancy services for its clients across Afghanistan. DCS also provide services in quality control, inspection, safety and monitoring and evaluation of projects.

  • Higher Education Institute of Karwan (HEIK) established in 1998 provides diplomas in English Language, Foundation English, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Accounting, and Information Technology, and participates in a number of capacity development projects for both local and international organizations. 

  • Impressive Consultancy Services (ICC) established in 2008, provides consulting services in market research, marketing, training, and networking to improve businesses’ proficiency and profitability. ICC works with virtually every industry, from manufacturing to financial services, information technology, to education, health care, trading, scalable production and others.

  • Internews Network (INTERNEWS) an international nonprofit organization working with local media organizations and civil society in Afghanistan since 2002, to build an independent, professional and inclusive media sector, and to promote broader democratic goals by providing platforms for dialogue.

  • Kardan Higher Education Institute (KARDAN) established in 2002, the leading and largest private university in Afghanistan, offers quality and international standard educational opportunities. Kardan is a self-sufficient private organization with modern and international standard tools, systems and quality control mechanisms. The Kardan Career Center (KCC) aims to advice, train, and promote career opportunities for the students, graduates and general job seekers.

  • Khatamul Anbia Cultural & Service Organization (KACSO) established as a non-governmental organization in 2003 to provide reconstruction services for rehabilitation of Afghanistan and to bring positive changes in social, economic and cultural status of Afghans, particularly women and children, the most vulnerable groups of Afghanistan population. KACSO works for Afghan women to prevent discrimination, violence against women, and promote gender equality particularly, in rural area, through designing and implementation of gender responsive programs.

  • Kaweyan Business Development Services (KBDS) a private company established in 2004, offers a highly qualified team of business trainers & consultants to provide need based training to organizations.

  • MHAIR Educational and Human Rights (MEHR) a nonpolitical, nonsectarian and non-governmental humanitarian organization working in Afghanistan since its establishment in 2002 to provide sustainable humanitarian assistance, vocational trainings and wide-ranging education programs.

  • Netlinks Ltd ( the leading ICT consulting and software development company in Afghanistan operating since 2006. In 2010, NETLINKS launched the first commercial jobs portal in the country connecting jobseekers and employers and bridging the gap between them.

  • Organization of Human Welfare (OHW) a not-for-profit, non-political, non-government organization established in 2007, implementing  broad range of activities, spanning the sectors of health, education, community development, food security, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), capacity development and research.  In the southern provinces, activities include humanitarian response, women’s economic self-help groups, skills development and vocational training for adults, and market research.

  • Organization for Sustainable Development and Research (OSDR) established in 1987 in Pakistan through the support of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.  OSDR has experience providing the following services: formal and informal skills development; agricultural capacity development; disaster risk management; and monitoring and evaluation.

  • SMART Afghan International Training and Consultancy (SMART) a leading hub and a conglomeration of national and international academics, professionals,
    trainers, mentors, consultants and researchers, providing result-orientated trainings, consultancy services and research. SMART has extensive experience in providing trainings and consultancy
    services to private and public sector, governmental ministries, international and national NGOs.

  • Strategic Social (S2) a strategic communication firm established to design, implement, and measure the effectiveness of unique outreach programs. An expansive network of local
    national media professionals, social science researchers, and in-house production & media monitoring capability allows them to deliver high-quality products and services with high value and competitive costs.

  • WOMEN Empowerment, Literacy, Leadership and Development Organization (WELL DO) a non-profit and non-political organization, serves Afghan women through empowerment and leadership initiatives. WELL DO works with a team of national and international experts in the area of basic and higher education, literacy, capacity development and vocational trainings to improve social and health conditions of women in Afghanistan. 


  • Financial Access for Investing in the Development of Afghanistan (FAIDA)