The AWDP focuses on capacity building for the providers of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Business Education and Skills Training (BEST) programs.  The goal of the program is to facilitate employment.  Hence, project activities focus on strategic interventions building relationships between the public and private sector conducive to creation of demand-driven employment centers facilitating job placement. The program provides grants and technical assistance to grantees that develop and strengthen the competencies of the labor supply in technical and vocational skills. The increase of highly qualified, demand-driven labor supply will contribute to the growth of the key economic sectors throughout Afghanistan.

AWDP objectives include the following:

  • Train 25,000 people, a quarter of whom are women, and help them find jobs
  • Improve teaching standards and assisting the professional development of trainers
  • Improve technical, vocational and business management courses
  • Establish linkages between training providers and employers
  • Expand access to technical, vocational and business management training programs
  • Provide job placement services for mid-level job seekers