National Occupation Skills Standards for MoLSAMD

Preparing for Work

The curricula are organized into four content areas: Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Technical Skills, and Life Skills. All curricula have been peer-reviewed, represent a complete set of materials, and meet the criteria for review.

Accelerated Skills Acquisition Program (ASAP)

Endorsed by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, implemented by Creative Associates International and funded by USAID, ASAP’s curriculum was created in partnership with Sri Lanka’s private sector and vocational skills training organizations to address skills gaps defined by a cross-sector of Sri- Lanka’s industries.  ASAP’s three distinct training modules of 5, 10, and 20 day courses include integrated content in English, IT, Business Entrepreneurship and Career Success Skills and have been delivered to over 6,000 students and 450 trainers.  The flexibility of ASAP’s curriculum was designed to meet the needs of job holders and employers while empowering training organizations (private sector companies, vocational education training centers, and Universities) to select modules best suited to their training needs.