To increase mid-level employment opportunities for Afghan men and women, AWDP is awarding grants to private sector national and international organizations and institutions throughout Afghanistan.  Four types of grants are awarded and administered by AWDP:   (a) Fixed Obligation Grants (FOB); (b) In-Kind Grants; and (c) Standard Grants and (d) Simplified Grants. Depending upon the characteristics of the organization, the purpose of the grant, as well as the grant’s budget, AWDP selects the most appropriate type of grant for award under each Request For Application.

AWDP Grants provide assistance with:

  • Improving technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and business education and skills training (BEST);
  • Adapting TVET and BEST curricula to private sector needs;
  • Enhancing teacher training programs in technical areas;
  • Developing management and administrative capacity of TVET and BEST institutions and organizations;
  • Supporting existing or establishing new employment-related service providers in order to improve job placement services for job seekers and training graduates in targeted economic sectors;
  • Building partnerships between workforce development institutions and private businesses;
  • Providing equipment, tools and/or materials for the enhancement of TVET and BEST facilities.